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Farmspeak Technology is an agritech company committed to eliminating extreme poverty amongst African farmers by increasing productivity, promoting efficient resources use and enhancing farm profitability.

We are leveraging advanced technologies such as intelligent electronic sensors, internet of things (IoT), data analytics, and artificial intelligence to drive data-driven agriculture that reduces wastage and improve overall farm productivity

Our current focus is bringing these innovations and solutions to the African poultry market.

Our products are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of poultry farmers – from digitizing their operations, to monitoring their pens and farm with smart devices.

This helps farmers to produce more healthy birds, which results in increased food security, reduced hunger, and better local economies for Africa.

To provide farmers anywhere, anytime with cutting-edge products and services to increase productivity and profitability.

To develop smart hardware, software and services that empower farmers to perform their intrinsic duty with pride and satisfaction.

At Farmspeak Technology, we are focused on serving the following segments of customers:

  • Farmers: When farmers acquire our PenKeep device, we provide valuable analytics to help them turn farming into a business. They use fsManager to improve record keeping while fsPrices ensures they have better ideas on the prices of poultry products in major cities around them to help them bargain better with middlemen and merchants.

  • Investors: Our fsInsight Pro is engineered to help people who want to invest in agriculture have confidence doing so through independent hard data, which they can rely upon. Combining these data, the investor will understand their risks.

  • Commodity Traders: We generate hard data, which can help predict agriculture yield across regions. They have access to temperature, humidity, air quality, rainfall, pest and disease outbreaks etc.

  • Merchants/Buyers: With fsMarkets, farmers make their products available for people to buy. They post when they plan to end a cycle and try to lock up sales ahead of time. This is supported with independent data from Farmspeak to ensure every trade happens as advertised.

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  • Address 1: 17 Akinsanya Street, Beside FRSC Building, Ojodu Berger, Lagos, Nigeria

  • Address 2: No. 94 Akins Avenue, Pakuro Road, Mowe, Ogun state, Nigeria

  • Phone: +2348167657384

  • Email: support@farmspeak.net

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