How Hajisafe Almost Lost 500 Chicks In Less Than One Week

After hearing from his neighbour how he made 400,000 Naira in just one day from offloading 1,000 his mature chickens, Hajisafe jumped into action.


He had even read on the internet about how profitable poultry farming can be. "Now is my chance to make my hundreds of thousands, even millions from poultry business." He mused to himself.


From the 1.5 Million naira savings he had, he withdrew 600K immediately. Without much thinking, he converted one of his father’s old BQs into his poultry house.


He called a labourer and told him what to do – remove some blocks from both sides of the BQ to create space for fresh air and cross-ventilation. Afterward, he paid a carpenter to fix blinds around the new poultry house.


In less than one week, everything was set. To serve as bedding, he bought sawdust and spread it around the house. He ordered for five packets of day-old chicks (DOCs) and was good to go.


For feeding, he got metallic feeders – just like the ones used for 2 weeks old birds. He even forgot about feeders until the DOCs were on their way. Since there was money, he rushed to the market to get them.


Realizing he was setting himself up for mistakes, he rushed online and joined three poultry groups on Social Media. There, he asked for suggestions on what to do.


They told him to replace the sawdust with newspapers, and change the feeders to something lower, like a tray. He got several comments until someone asked about the medications for vaccination.


“Vaccination?” He was shocked. What type of drugs would be buy?


There were too many suggestions that he became confused. He started sweating profusely. Refusing to give in easily, he rushed to a Poultry Store where they sold drugs, accessories, and other items that a poultry farmer needs.


That was where we met. After listening to his story, I smiled and brought out my phone. I showed him a software solution that gave me daily vaccination tips and reminders. He was surprised.


Moreover, when I showed him other features of the software – tracking the growth of your birds, keeping your farm records safe, access all your farm records anywhere you are, he was shocked.


Without delay, he went to Google and typed “FS Manager” from Farmspeak Technology and signed up for the premium package immediately.


As he left the Poultry Store, he kept thanking me for saving the lives of his 500 chicks. Who knows the extent of damage he could have suffered without knowing about the life-saving software solution for poultry farmers?


Have you ever been in such a situation? What advice would you give to people like Hajisafe? If you want to know more about the software, type “info” in the comments section.  


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