Reduce Your Poultry Mortality Rate And Increase Productivity with These Innovative Tools

Africa has a booming poultry industry, with South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, and Algeria leading the pack. For instance, Nigeria and Ghana have about 180 million and 74 million poultry birds respectively. Despite these huge numbers, over 70% of these animals are exposed to heat and cold stress, leading to huge mortality rates. As a result, many African countries remain net-importers of poultry products.

Although the sector looks promising for farmers, investors, and other stakeholders, there is need for proper monitoring and management to unlock its full potentials. In this article, we explain two innovative solutions that will help you reduce your poultry mortality rate and increase productivity.

Poultry Innovative Solution 1: FS Manager™ 

Throughout Africa, poultry farmers rely on manual methods of taking and keeping farm records. In Nigeria, this is even more prevalent. Their common management tool include pen, pencil, and sheets of paper.

At the end of the day, the manager enters these data into the records book (if they have one). For farms where owners also act as the manager, losing these recording papers are common. This situation explains why small and medium scale African poultry farmers struggle to know whether they are making profits or not when the year ends.

Moreover, getting loans from credit institutions is quite challenging. Without complete and consistent farm record books, banks cannot extend credit facilities to these farmers. To mitigate such circumstances, you need poultry innovative solutions such as FS Manager. Besides, manual management has inherent limitations:

  • It gets lost easily.
  • It is susceptible to damages and other human errors.
  • Calculating these data is tasking and time demanding. 
  • You need to have the record books before you can retrieve critical data.

Understanding FS Manager™ 

FS Manager is an online farm diary that allows farmers to digitalize the process of capturing, calculating, and curating their farm records. Rather than using pen and paper, you can use this poultry productivity tool. It also saves farmers the stress due to manual documentation.

By effectively managing your activities and records, you can determine your growth pace and size of profits. FS Manager bridges this gap as you can generate your profitability report anytime, anywhere. Also, it removes the possibility of losing or damaging your farm records.

Advantages of Using FS Manager™ 

  • You have your farm records in your palms and electronic devices. Instead of handling several physical books, you can access your farm data from one spot.
  • Retrieve your farm details anywhere, anytime. It removes the constraints of time and space whenever you need your business books.
  • This poultry innovative solution performs all calculations automatically including overall profitability, mortality rate, and feed conversion.
  • It eliminates human mistakes whilst computing production and financial records.
  • You can track your profits or losses in real-time and adjust your operations accordingly.
  • It provides a leverage to increasing your poultry productivity.

Disadvantages of Using FS Manager™ 

  • You need a smartphone or personal computer to access this solution.

Check our FS Manager here.


Poultry Innovative Solution 2: Penkeep

According to the Food and Agricultural Organization, African poultry farmers lose up to 40% of their birds to fluctuating weather conditions every cycle. In America, this amounts to about $165 million loss every summer. In Africa, this could be more and even worse, especially since we lack innovative poultry solutions to detect this silent bird killer.

A recent research of poultry farmers in Mowe (Ogun State) showed that over 80% of them use cloud observation, skin changes and thermometer to determine how hot or cold the bird house is. However, these age-long approaches cannot withstand the rapidly changing climate. For farmers who use cloud observation and skin changes, the required pen temperature for adult poultry is 21.1°C - 23.9°C. On the other hand, human beings have an average body temperature of 37°C. Before a farmer realizes he is feeling 'hot', his birds are already panting.

Although a thermometer gives an idea of the pen temperature, you can only use it when you are on the farm. Also, you have to visit the pen severally to get a range of temperature figures. This method is stressful, time consuming, and ineffective. Besides, farm workers may forget to check the pen at the right time, increasing the spread of heat and cold stress amongst your birds.

Furthermore, heat stress reduces the immunity of your birds, opening them up to infections and diseases. If not taken care of quickly, your poultry mortality rate will increase. Also, cold stress increases the feeding rate of birds, driving up production costs. To curb these issues, Penkeep™ was built.

Understanding Penkeep™

Penkeep™ is an innovative poultry solution that automates repetitive farming activities such as heating, cooling, feeding, and drinking system. It monitors, manages, and mechanizes farming operations. Compared to traditional methods of heat detection, it uses smart sensing devices to pick heat signals from the environment. It sends these signals to an advanced algorithm for analysis and returns actionable insights in a twinkle.

By deploying this poultry innovative solution, farmers will get a precise image of the state of their poultry houses. It is one of the most effective tools for reducing the impact of heat and cold stress on chickens, turkeys, and ducks. You can also extend the functionality of this device by purchasing add-on's to automate your temperature regulation and daily activities.

Advantages of Using Penkeep™

  • It prevents inconsistent development of poultry birds so that their growth rate is predictable.
  • It mitigates unrestricted burning of fossil fuels and use of electricity because you know exactly when to turn it ON or OFF. Thus, it reduces your energy or utility costs.
  • By reducing the buildup of heat and cold stress in your birds, it effectively decreases your mortality rate.
  • It ensures that more birds survive the early stages and reach maturity.
  • It increases farmers' income since they now have more birds to sell.

Disadvantages of Using Penkeep™

  • It needs an extra source of electricity, especially if you stay in areas with inconsistent power supply.

Find out more about Penkeep here.

Final Thoughts

As the demand for poultry products continues to rise, African poultry farmers require innovative solutions to reduce their mortality rate and increase their productivity. As an innovator in the agricultural space, Farmspeak Technology™ builds smart hardware and software solutions for farmers to double their productivity and profits. Livestock farmers in emerging economies like Africa should adopt our poultry productivity tools - FS Manager™ and Penkeep™ for higher yields and returns.

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