Tips for Running a Poultry Farm

Poultry farming is one of Nigeria's most profitable farming enterprises today. Poultry items such as meat, eggs, and dung have a sizable market.

Nigeria's poultry industry has grown considerably in recent years. Because local production barely meets 30% of the demand for chicken eggs and meat, the business has a lot of room to grow.

You'll need enough understanding of how to efficiently raise the birds, good management abilities, and a good poultry farming business to develop a successful, long-term broiler chicken farming business.

Here are a few tips to help you get going;

Be Organized

Business owners wear several hats, and the poultry business is no exception, requiring you to efficiently and successfully balance a variety of tasks. Tasks can pile up if your farm is not well structured, and important time is wasted looking for information that should be readily available. Getting organized can help you boost your productivity, raise your revenue, and reduce your risks.

In general, successful farming requires a high level of structure. A successful farmer is one who is well-prepared. With the world moving digital, we designed the Fs Manager app, management software that allows you to track your inventory, manage your employees, produce invoices rapidly, make decisions from historical data, plan events ahead, and record activities easily to help you be organized and productive.

Set up a Work Schedule 

As a farmer, planning and establishing a work schedule allows you to remain productive while avoiding exhaustion or health problems. As a chicken farmer, you should know what duties you need to complete on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

But don't over plan and risk not getting everything done. Plan to work 60 per cent of the time to give yourself the flexibility to deal with the unexpected.

If you get other chores thrown at you, ask, "When can this be done?" And how important it is.

With FS Manager, you can prioritize your schedule and plan events ahead.

Learn to Budget

Learning to budget will help you make better business decisions concerning your farm's overall management. And how to figure out prospective profits, a break-even point, or just keep track of spending.


Keep Detailed Record  

It is necessary to keep daily records. These should include room to keep track of mortality, age, feed consumption, water consumption, immunization and medication administered, daily egg output, and any management or disease issues. These records are extremely useful for planning future poultry projects, disease control initiatives, and forecasting and estimations. Record keeping has been made efficient and easy through the Fs Manager app, a bookkeeping and management software that makes it possible for you to be able to take care of your accounting anywhere from your mobile phone or desktop.

Employ Experienced Staffs 

Many areas of chicken farming should only be handled by skilled professionals who are well-versed in the details. As a Consequence, hire only those who have already worked on a poultry farm. However, if technology is used, farming is not as labour-intensive.

You will, nevertheless, require an administrative officer or manager to oversee your business's day-to-day operations. To cut costs on employment, choose a manager that can also serve as your accountant.
As a result, select seasoned experts who can meticulously create and implement your poultry farm business strategy.

Farm Location

The success of your poultry is entirely determined by its location. Poultry farms thrive in rural areas with low land and labour costs. However, a solid transportation/road network and access to water are required. It should also be conveniently accessible to you or the poultry farm manager; in other words, your farm should not be too far away from you or whoever will be in charge of the daily operations of the chickens. It's meant to be a second home for you.

Have your own Hatchery

Having your own chicks for hatching new ones is more cost-effective than purchasing old ones. In comparison to outsourcing the service, you would be able to lower the cost of hatching and enhance output.

Poultry (Chicken) House Management Practices- Hygiene

This is also where your chicken farming success or failure will be determined. The failure of a poultry farming operation is due to bad farm management. Disease risk may be decreased by properly managing the poultry house and birds, such as changing contaminated food or water.

Water spillage on beddings should be avoided at all costs. Wet litter beddings promote coccidiosis, a lethal illness in chickens. Any water spills should be cleaned up, and moist bedding should be replaced with dry bedding (wood shavings). To maintain your chicken coop clean and comfortable for your birds, change the beddings on a regular basis.

Determine Your Target Market

Decide who will be your purchasers. Who are you planning on selling to? Advertise research may help you figure out the most lucrative way to market your products. Many chicken farms schedule their operations around major holidays including Christmas, Easter, and New Year's Day. If you want to sell broilers around Christmas, for example, you may start stocking them at the end of October and have them ready to sell by the third week of December. When to harvest or sell is determined by the target market. Because the laying cycle takes over 52 weeks for layers to complete, layer hen farming for egg production provides a year-round market

Start Now!!!

Poultry farming is quite profitable in Nigeria, and many Nigerians and foreign investors are already reaping the benefits. You can easily understand why your poultry farming business has the potential to be successful given the fact that this country Is highly populated.

You may start with 100 - 1,000 birds and work your way up, or you can start small and gradually expand.

In conclusion, poultry farming, whether as a hobby or a company, provides a lot of enjoyment, satisfaction, and profits when done right. The main lesson is to establish your farm gradually, learn on the job, swiftly resolve operational issues, and keep accurate records.

You looking at taking total control of your poultry business, Create Invoices Quickly, Record Operations Seamlessly, Managing Staff and Tracking Inventory and making quick decisions as they get to see a bird's eye view of their farm operations from their phones, tabs, and system at any time and anywhere. 

We have deployed a working software solution to help you manage easily, it's called “Fsmanager app”.

Fsmanager app increases your performance as a poultry farmer and helps you stand out from others...

It is the time to take up your business to the next level and create more value for yourself


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