fsManager is an electronic farm diary which helps Farmspeak farmers run their farming operations. A Farm Management solution, it simplifies the business of farming by helping farms record activities, track inventory, prevent waste, manage employees, manages finances (sales and expenses), organize business calendar, record incidences (say, pest and disease outbreaks), track profitability, and more.

Core Features

Suitable for all scale of farms: fsManager is suitable for all scale of farms be it small, medium and even big.

Easy to use: This service is easy to use. It is entirely web-driven and mobile friendly.

Farmer turns Manager: With fsManager, every farmer is a businessperson. From managing livestock production to tracking sales and expenses, it ensures the farmer is in charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your fsManager data which is secured and totally exclusive to you. No one else sees or uses it.
Any farmer that currently has any farmspeak device installed in his/her farm with active subscription.