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About Us

Just like Airbnb modernized the hospitality industry and Uber transformed transportation - Farmspeak Technology is set to revolutionize the agricultural sector!

FarmSpeak Technology Limited is an agritech company that is at the forefront of transforming the agricultural industry through innovative technology. Our core mission is to empower farmers, promote sustainability, and drive positive social and environmental change.

Our products are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of poultry farmers – from digitizing their operations, to monitoring their pens and farm with smart devices.

We recognize the challenges faced by farmers and the pressing need for innovative solutions. With our climate-smart technologies and farm management solutions, we strive to optimize farming practices, increase productivity, and promote sustainable agricultural farming practices.

FarmSpeak Technology is driven by a vision of a more sustainable and inclusive agricultural ecosystem. We aim to transform farming practices, improve livelihoods, and build a resilient and food-secure future for all.

Our Vision

To provide farmers anywhere, anytime with cutting-edge products and services to increase productivity, boost profitability and improve the adoption of climate-smart technologies for a sustainable farming culture.


Leveraging digital technology such as AI, IoT, Remote Sensing, and Data Analytics - Farmspeak Technology is passionate about empowering African farmers with innovative climate-smart devices and software solutions to mitigate the adverse effect of climate change causing low productivity, profitability and poverty amongst smallholder farmers in Africa.

  • Farmers: We are dedicated to serving farmers by providing them with smart agricultural tools and services. Our PenKeep device, combined with the fsManager software, helps farmers improve their record-keeping and farm management practices. Additionally, our fsMarket feature provides a convenient platform for farmers to showcase and sell their produce directly, eliminating middlemen and enabling better negotiation with merchants.

  • Commodity Traders: We offer valuable data insights that can be leveraged by commodity traders to predict agriculture yields across different regions. By accessing real-time information on factors such as temperature, humidity, air quality, rainfall, and pest and disease outbreaks, traders can make more accurate predictions and optimize their trading strategies.

  • Merchants/Buyers: Through our fsMarkets platform, farmers can showcase and sell their products to merchants and buyers. With independent data from Farmspeak, we ensure transparency and reliability in every trade. Farmers can plan ahead, post their upcoming cycles, and secure sales in advance, enhancing their market access and profitability.

  • Agricultural Extension Services: Farmspeak collaborates with agricultural extension services to provide farmers with knowledge, training, and educational resources. By offering workshops, webinars, and access to best practices, Farmspeak supports the capacity building of farmers and promotes the adoption of climate-smart and sustainable farming practices.

  • Government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): Farmspeak partners with government agencies and NGOs to support agricultural development initiatives. By providing data-driven insights, technological expertise, and training programs, Farmspeak contributes to initiatives aimed at improving food security, promoting sustainable agriculture, and empowering rural communities.

  • Financial Institutions: Farmspeak collaborates with financial institutions to enhance financial inclusion and access to credit for farmers. By providing data-driven insights on farm productivity, risk assessment, and creditworthiness, Farmspeak enables financial institutions to make informed lending decisions and offer tailored financial products to farmers.

  • Research Institutions: Farmspeak works closely with research institutions to contribute to the advancement of agricultural knowledge and innovation. By sharing data, collaborating on research projects, and supporting field trials, Farmspeak helps drive scientific advancements and the development of cutting-edge agricultural practices.

    Core Team

    We are a passionate and diverse group, with a shared dedication to revolutionizing the poultry industry. Each team member brings their unique expertise and experience, honed over years of working together, even before joining Farmspeak. With years of experience and a deep understanding of each other's strengths, we collaborate seamlessly to drive change. Together, we are dedicated to empowering farmers and making a lasting impact on the future of agriculture.

    The Team

    Peter Okonmah


    Adaeze Ruth Akpagbula

    Chief Growth & Product Manager

    Emmanuel Phiri

    Software Engineer

    Abimbola Grace Olowoshile

    Customer Success & Communication Manager

    Kindness Kamarakolleh

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Adeniyi A Ogunsakin

    Marketing Automation & Operations Manager

    Olumuyiwa Adeniyi

    Lead Training & Skill Manager

    Precious Akinola

    Media & Branding Manager